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Introducing our fab little shower gel minis! These 100ml shower gels come in packs of two & customers can choose from Pink Lemonade + Avocado & Kiwi or Coconut + Vanilla Chai Tea.
Launched in November through our Soapscription model we now are giving trade customers EXCLUSIVE access to these mini shower gel duos as they are sold no where else in the world!!

shower gel mini duo pack
These little fruity & sweet duo packs can be sold many different ways:
1) Sell as a trial pack in your shop
2) Perfect addition to subscription boxes
3) Sell them as individual shower gels out of the box
4) Mix & match the flavours as a bundle
5) Bundle together with other Bubble T products to bulk out hampers

With essential oils and fruit extracts to nourish and restore, these shower gels won’t be available in high street stores or anywhere! 

Each item is Vegan friendly and in fully recyclable packaging, customers pick their monthly choices in advance to ensure this subscription ticks the boxes in all the right places.

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