Bath Bombs

An explosion full of surprises, our fizzing bath bombs will work wonder for your soul. Our bath bombs allow you to lie back, clear your mind and awaken your senses to 3 sensational aromas - Moroccan Mint Tea, Lemongrass & Green Tea and Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea.

Pear Bath Bomb Fizzer - Fruitea Edition (150g)
Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea Bath Bomb Fizzer (180g)
Peach Bath Bomb Fizzer (150g)
Lychee Bath Bomb Fizzer (150g)
Blueberry Bath Bomb Fizzer (150g)
Rhubarb & Custard Bath Bomb Fizzer (100g)
moisturising bath bomb fizzer donuts
Summer Fruits Tea Macaron Bath Bomb Fizzers (5 x 50g)
Sold Out
Summer Fruits Tea Giant Bath Bomb Macaron Fizzer (150g)
Sold Out
Fruity Bath Bomb Fizzer Trio - Frozen Winter Berries (3 x 150g)
Frozen Winter Berries Giant Macaron Bath Bomb Gift Set (150g)
Peach Bath Bomb Fizzer - Fruitea Edition (150g)
Fruitea Edition Fizzing Mango Bath Bomb (150g)
Mixed Fruits Bath Bomb Fizzer Gift Set ( 4 x 150g)
Sweetea Shop Pirate Bath Bomb Fizzers POS unit (12 x 150g)
Noveltea Hot Chocolate Bath Bomb Fizzer (150g)
Noveltea Toffee Latte Bath Bomb Fizzer (150g)
Noveltea Mint Choc Chip Bath Bomb Fizzer (150g)
Noveltea Mulled Wine Bath Bomb Fizzer (150g)
Xmas Tree Mint Choc Chip Bath Bomb Christmas Card (50g)
Avocado & Kiwi Bath Bomb Christmas Card (50g)
Milkshake Christmas Bauble Bath Bomb Gift Set (3 x 100g)
Mentos Fruit Splash Bath Bombs (6 x 20g)