Bath Bombs

Dive into our a symphony of colours, fragrance and pure relaxation. Our selection of bath fizzers cater to all, whether you are looking for soothing properties such as Jasmine to invigorating citrus fragrances to sweet enchanting scents.

De-Stress Bath Bomb Fizzer - Sweet Orange & Bergamot POS (150g)
Calm Bath Bomb Fizzer - Strawberry & Lavender (150g)
Happy Bath Bomb Fizzer - Grapefruit & Mint (150g)
Sweetea Shop Unicorn Bath Bomb Fizzers POS unit (12 x 150g)
Raspberry Bath Bomb 'Meowy Christmas' Card (50g)
Watermelon Bath Bomb 'Have a Sweet Holiday' Card (50g)
Strawberry Bath Bomb 'Berry Christmas' Card (50g)
Blueberry Bath Bomb 'Merry Fishmas' Card (50g)
Sweet Pea Bath Bomb 'HapPEA Christmas' Card (50g)
Rainbow Cloud Bath Bomb Fizzer Gift Set (3 x 75g)
Winter Berries Bath Bomb Duo Gift Set (2 x 150g)
Winter Berries Bath Bomb Fizzer (5 x 100g)
Stimulate Bath Bomb Fizzer - Watermelon & Lemon (150g)