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We believe in the benefits of using tea-based properties in bath and beauty. Our range of innovative and fun products are made using the highest quality, with cruelty-free ingredients.

Banana & Strawberry Smoothie Body Wash (500ml)
Lime & Coconut Smoothie Body Wash (500ml)
Peach & Raspberry Smoothie Body Wash (500ml)
Mango & Passionfruit Smoothie Body Wash (500ml)
Pineapple & Kiwi Smoothie Body Wash (500ml)
Blueberry & Dragonfruit Smoothie Body Wash (500ml)
Kellogg's Frosties Shower Gel (500ml)
Mango Melting Oil Bath Pearls (20 x 4g)
Grapefruit Melting Oil Bath Pearls (20 x 4g)
Berries Melting Oil Bath Pearls (20 x 4g)
Boba Tea Strawberry Lip Balm (4.5g)
Boba Tea Tropical Lip Balm (4.5g)
Bubble Tea Matcha Hydrating Sheet Mask (20ml)
Bubble Tea Tropical Hydrating Sheet Mask (20ml)
Bubble Tea Jasmine Hydrating Sheet Mask (20ml)
Rainbow Cloud Bath Bomb Fizzer Gift Set (3 x 75g)
Nightea Night - Lavender & Lemon Hydrating Sheet Mask (20ml)
Nightea Night - Neroli & Tangerine Hydrating Sheet Mask (20ml)
Nightea Night Bath & Shower Gift Set
Fruitea Edition Fizzing Peach Bath Crumble (250g)
Hydrogel Lip Patches - POS unit (45 units)
Happy Bath Bomb Fizzer - Grapefruit & Mint (150g)
De-Stress Bath Bomb Fizzer - Sweet Orange & Bergamot POS (150g)
Nightea Night - Neroli & Tangerine Calming Moisturising Bubble Bath (300ml)
Lemonade Bath Salts ( 3 x 500g)
Sweetea Shop Unicorn Bath Bomb Fizzers POS unit (12 x 150g)
Winter Berries Bath Bomb Duo Gift Set (2 x 150g)
Skincyclopedia Hydrating Gel Face Cleanser 150ml
Skincyclopedia Mild Resurfacing Gel Face Cleanser 150ml
hands on anti-bacterial cleansing hand sanitiser
Raspberry Bath Bomb 'Meowy Christmas' Card (50g)
Winter Candy Apple Bath Milk (480ml)
Blueberry Bath Bomb 'Merry Fishmas' Card (50g)
Sweet Pea Bath Bomb 'HapPEA Christmas' Card (50g)
Watermelon Bath Bomb 'Have a Sweet Holiday' Card (50g)
Bubble T Cosmetics Beauty Advent Calendar (24 Windows)
Gingerbread Bath Milk - Noveltea Edition (480ml)
Jecca Blac Liquid Concealer (10ml)
Strawberry Bath Bomb 'Berry Christmas' Card (50g)
Winter Berries Bath Bomb Fizzer (5 x 100g)
Winter Berries Moisturising Hand Cream Gift Set (3 x 75ml)
Misteltoe Bath Milk - Noveltea Edition (480ml)
Mulled Wine Bath Milk - Noveltea Edition (480ml)
Christmas Eve Beauty Box - Set of 5
Winter Berries Body Spray Gift Set (3 x 100ml)
Bubble Tea Berries Hydrating Sheet Mask (20ml)
Skincyclopedia Face Serum with 10% Niacinamide Acid  (30ml)
Skincyclopedia Face Serum with 3% Polyglutamic Acid  (30ml)