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At Bubble T we are obsessed with all things tea, its flavours, the cultures in which it stems from and the health benefits it can provide.

Our initial inspiration, however, came from the vibrant and colourful Taiwanese drink which has rapidly become a popular craze all over Britain during the last few years. The drink grabbed our attention in an instant when travelling around Asia and we instantly fell in love with its quirky and playful aesthetics. This is what has inspired our identity as a brand.

Digging Deeper

Digging deeper, we didn’t just want our products to be all about the aesthetics. We wanted to create a range that not only looked exciting but also would leave you feeling fantastic and look after your skin. We looked at a variety of teas with a wide range of health benefits to inspire our choice of ingredients in our products. Our products are guaranteed to leave your skin feeling replenished, cleansed and hydrated as well as provide a long lasting fresh smell.

Tea culture

Our love for tea has also made us realise how this is something which has been enjoyed for years by many cultures across the globe. These cultures have increased our awareness of different tea leaves, blends and infusions that we have incorporated into our range to give you a varied choice of products depending on your mood.