Our lotions and potions compliment your skincare needs. Using essential ingredients like Shea butter and Sweet Almond oil to nourish, hydrate and moisturise your skin. Our formulas are Paraben free and will cater to dry and sensitive skin.

Moroccan Mint Tea Body Lotion (200ml)
Lemongrass & Green Tea Body Lotion (200ml)
Hibiscus & Acai Berry Body Lotion (200ml)
Moroccan Mint Tea Reviving Hand Cream (100ml)
Lemongrass & Green Tea Stimulating Hand Cream (100ml)
Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea Restoring Hand Cream (100ml)
Hand Sanitiser POS unit
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Moroccan Mint Tea Hand Sanitiser
Lemongrass & Green Tea Hand Sanitiser
Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea Hand Sanitiser
Body Lotion Collection
Hand Cream Collection (36 Units)