From bath bombs to bath salts. Find our extensive selection of bath products made especially for the tub. All of our bath bombs, salts are Vegan friendly and perfect to nourish the skin after a long day.

Matcha Bath Salts - Bubble Tea Edition (1KG)
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Tropical Bath Salts - Bubble Tea Edition (1KG)
Jasmine Bath Salts - Bubble Tea Edition (1KG)
Berries Bath Salts - Bubble Tea Edition (1KG)
Banana & Strawberry Smoothie Body Wash (500ml)
Blueberry & Dragonfruit Smoothie Body Wash (500ml)
Peach & Raspberry Smoothie Body Wash (500ml)
Pineapple & Kiwi Smoothie Body Wash (500ml)
Mango & Passionfruit Smoothie Body Wash (500ml)
Lime & Coconut Smoothie Body Wash (500ml)
Lemonade Edition Mixed Bath Milk (12 x 480ml)
Bubble Tea Jasmine Bubble Bath (480ml)
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Bubble Tea Matcha Bubble Bath (480ml)
Bubble Tea Tropical Bubble Bath (480ml)
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Bubble Tea Raspberry Bubble Bath (480ml)
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Nightea Night - Neroli & Tangerine Calming Moisturising Bubble Bath (300ml)
Stimulate Bath Bomb Fizzer - Watermelon & Lemon (150g)
Calm Bath Bomb Fizzer - Strawberry & Lavender (150g)
De-Stress Bath Bomb Fizzer - Sweet Orange & Bergamot POS (150g)
Happy Bath Bomb Fizzer - Grapefruit & Mint (150g)
Ice Cream Bath Bomb Gift Set - Strawberry, Lemon & Pistachio
Bath Bomb Macaron Gift Set - Cartoon Edition (5 x 50g)
Ice Cream Bath Bomb Fizzer Gift Set - Set of 3
Bubble Tea Bath Bomb Gift Set - Boba Edition (4 x 100g)
Smoothie Body Wash Gift Set (4 x 200ml)
Smoothie Bath n' Mix Gift Set - Set of 3
Raspberry Bath Bomb 'Meowy Christmas' Card (50g)
Watermelon Bath Bomb 'Have a Sweet Holiday' Card (50g)
Strawberry Bath Bomb 'Berry Christmas' Card (50g)
Blueberry Bath Bomb 'Merry Fishmas' Card (50g)
Sweet Pea Bath Bomb 'HapPEA Christmas' Card (50g)
Christmas Eve Beauty Box - Set of 5
Winter Candy Apple Bath Milk (480ml)
Gingerbread Bath Milk - Noveltea Edition (480ml)
Misteltoe Bath Milk - Noveltea Edition (480ml)
Mulled Wine Bath Milk - Noveltea Edition (480ml)
Rainbow Bath Powder Gift (500g)
Rainbow Cloud Bath Bomb Fizzer Gift Set (3 x 75g)
Rainbow Melting Bath Oil Pearls (15 x 4g)